Quick Update

So I've got a ton of things going on right now. I've got 7 projects due by the 3rd of Februrary. I know I've procrastinated on getting Minivember photos up but as soon as I catch up on this backlog I'll get those taken care of. I'm also working on making a paint swatch journal.... Continue Reading →


Projects & Minivember

I've got a lot of things going on right now. The three I'm most focused on are: Minivember, Dagon, and my Christmas diorama. Dagon is coming along smoothly but will probably be put on the back burner soon, Minivember is prepped and ready to go, and I haven't gotten all the stuff for the diorama... Continue Reading →

Short Break

I haven't painted since before last week. I had surgery so I've been pretty out of it. I should get back to painting no later than tomorrow. I won't be working on the Goblins for a bit as I've got two pieces that I need done by Saturday evening. The two I'll be working on are: Ursula,... Continue Reading →

Last Week

This past week has been full of real life stuff. It all had to be dealt with in a timely manner so no time for painting. I'd planned on being done with my SoB heroes but I'm not. I won't have time to sit down and paint until tomorrow. At the very least I can... Continue Reading →

April To-do List

This month may well rival Minivember from last year (which I will be doing again this year, tentatively). Here's what I have to do: Serpent Grand Shaman Sargent Bunker Female & Male Outlaws Female Gunslinger Male Gunslinger #2 Male Rancher Female Rancher #2 Female & Male Prospectors Nun Female US Marshal Piano Player Saloon Girl... Continue Reading →

Coming up

For the next month or so I'll be painting the Shadows of Brimstone resin minis and 4 plastic ones. This gives me 27 projects to do. There are 3 plastic ones not shown in the picture because they've already been cleaned and primed. This will be my first experience painting resin. Assembly was a pain... Continue Reading →


There has been a challenge presented over on the Reaper forums to try a technique you've never done before. I have until the end of the month to do this. This is a perfect time to start testing out some OSL. As soon as I find/acquire some sprue cutters I'll be attempting this. My to-do... Continue Reading →

March To-do list:

Goldar, Male Barbarian DDS2 Dwarf Cleric Seelah, Iconic Paladin Valeros, Iconic Fighter Kar Drakir Khanjira Base Shadow Tentacle Spell Effect Pathfinder Goblins Trun Hunters and a few other things that may cross my desk. I also need to assemble the Shadows of Brimstone Swamp Raptor that we recently acquired, but I need to find/buy new... Continue Reading →

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