Quick Update

So I've got a ton of things going on right now. I've got 7 projects due by the 3rd of Februrary. I know I've procrastinated on getting Minivember photos up but as soon as I catch up on this backlog I'll get those taken care of. I'm also working on making a paint swatch journal.... Continue Reading →


Minivember Complete!

Here are all 30 minis I painted last month. I didn't paint one a day like I wanted to but I did finish all of them in the month so I call that a win. I'll post a better show off later this month with close-ups of all of them.

Minivember is Coming to an End

I have today and tomorrow left! I still have 10 minis to paint. Three of them are already partially painted and will go quickly. The rest should also go fairly quickly since they used a lot of like colors. I have all day today and tomorrow free so that's what I will be working on.... Continue Reading →

Projects & Minivember

I've got a lot of things going on right now. The three I'm most focused on are: Minivember, Dagon, and my Christmas diorama. Dagon is coming along smoothly but will probably be put on the back burner soon, Minivember is prepped and ready to go, and I haven't gotten all the stuff for the diorama... Continue Reading →

Minivember Update

I've got some pictures to take but things are going. There was a hiccup though. Last night when I sat down to paint some real life stuff came up and I wasn't able to finish my mini. My new goal is to finish all the minis I have in the box for the month.

Minivember Day 6

This is the Undead Gunslinger. He was a pretty quick paint, so I'm happy with how it turned out with how much time it took.

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