Fire Giants

I've finished up the frost giants, I just need to get some pictures up which will hopefully happen this weekend if not sooner. In the meantime I've started up the Fire Giants and have almost finished the Queen and started up on the King. I have a few touch ups to do as well as... Continue Reading →

Frost Giant Warriors 

I'm still chipping away at these. I'm hoping to be done with them no later than tomorrow. I have some touch ups to do then a few more details and assembly(obviously).

Frost Giant Update

I've finished the Queen as seen in my last post. I've just about finished the King, he just needs a wash in a couple of places to call him done. Then the two warriors are started, I've got the backgrounds of the fine details and most of the find details themselves done on them. It... Continue Reading →

Bones 3 is Here

So yesterday my big box of bones miniatures showed up. And by big I mean BIG. 18.5 LBS of minis. First up are some giants, 9 of them to be precise. A mixture of fire and frost. Two queens, two kings, several warriors, a jail or and a body guard. Can't wait to get started.... Continue Reading →

Back At It

I had some real life stuff pop up unexpectedly so I haven't painted in about two weeks now. I have however moved my painting area to my bedroom which has much better lighting. The desk definitely won't stay this clean for long.

Short Break

I haven't painted since before last week. I had surgery so I've been pretty out of it. I should get back to painting no later than tomorrow. I won't be working on the Goblins for a bit as I've got two pieces that I need done by Saturday evening. The two I'll be working on are: Ursula,... Continue Reading →

Goblin Pyros

I'm going to get started on these hopefully by Monday. I need some more OSL practice and these guys will be perfects for just that.

Shadows of Brimstone Resin Minis

Here are all of the resin minis that I currently own that I've been painting up over the last few weeks. Some of the pictures are not as sharp as others, I believe I need a new camera, and I'm still working out lighting levels on my light box. Hopefully, as my painting gets better so... Continue Reading →

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