Minivember Complete!

Here are all 30 minis I painted last month. I didn't paint one a day like I wanted to but I did finish all of them in the month so I call that a win. I'll post a better show off later this month with close-ups of all of them.


Minivember is Coming to an End

I have today and tomorrow left! I still have 10 minis to paint. Three of them are already partially painted and will go quickly. The rest should also go fairly quickly since they used a lot of like colors. I have all day today and tomorrow free so that's what I will be working on.... Continue Reading →

Minivember Week One

So the first week of Minivember is over. I'm a day behind because of a horrible migraine I had the other day. I'm going to have a bit of extra time this week so maybe I can get ahead. I've currently got 5 minis with me which should be all of them through Friday plus... Continue Reading →

Projects & Minivember

I've got a lot of things going on right now. The three I'm most focused on are: Minivember, Dagon, and my Christmas diorama. Dagon is coming along smoothly but will probably be put on the back burner soon, Minivember is prepped and ready to go, and I haven't gotten all the stuff for the diorama... Continue Reading →

Diorama Prep

So a short while ago I started talking about Christmas presents. I've finally started to order things that I need. The stuff I ordered today will be here in about a week and then I can really get going on it. I also went to Michael's today and got the majority of the rest of... Continue Reading →


I started painting the reaper bones Dagon from the third kickstarter. I did a quick prime with some blue liner and then started base coating in marine teal.

Minivember Prep

I started getting things together for this years Minivember. I've got most of the minis prepped and ready to go. Only one of the minis has not been prepped because its in several pieces and I probably want to paint her that way. All I need to do now is work out color schemes. Here's... Continue Reading →


I'm going to be starting on a, most likely, long project that will end up being a present for my mother. I'll post some updates here as I go along since she doesn't follow the blog. It definitely won't be up on the Facebook page until it's finished. It'll be a Doctor Who themed winter... Continue Reading →

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