Frost Giant Queen

I painted up my first BONES 3 mini and here she is. I still need to paint up her base and do a few touch ups.


Bones 3 is Here

So yesterday my big box of bones miniatures showed up. And by big I mean BIG. 18.5 LBS of minis. First up are some giants, 9 of them to be precise. A mixture of fire and frost. Two queens, two kings, several warriors, a jail or and a body guard. Can't wait to get started.... Continue Reading →

Back At It

I had some real life stuff pop up unexpectedly so I haven't painted in about two weeks now. I have however moved my painting area to my bedroom which has much better lighting. The desk definitely won't stay this clean for long.

Short Break

I haven't painted since before last week. I had surgery so I've been pretty out of it. I should get back to painting no later than tomorrow. I won't be working on the Goblins for a bit as I've got two pieces that I need done by Saturday evening. The two I'll be working on are: Ursula,... Continue Reading →

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