Goblin Pyros

I'm going to get started on these hopefully by Monday. I need some more OSL practice and these guys will be perfects for just that.


Shadows of Brimstone Resin Minis

Here are all of the resin minis that I currently own that I've been painting up over the last few weeks. Some of the pictures are not as sharp as others, I believe I need a new camera, and I'm still working out lighting levels on my light box. Hopefully, as my painting gets better so... Continue Reading →

Almost There

I painted up 6 more of the resin minis today. I have 3 left until I'm done with all of them. The end is so close, I'll probably finish it up in the next couple of days. I've still got washes to put on most of them and debating on giving them eyes or not.... Continue Reading →

Last Week

This past week has been full of real life stuff. It all had to be dealt with in a timely manner so no time for painting. I'd planned on being done with my SoB heroes but I'm not. I won't have time to sit down and paint until tomorrow. At the very least I can... Continue Reading →

Progress Update 2

I've finished 10 out of the 27 minis I need to do. It turns out painting all that leather when I did is a HUGE time saver. I went back and put some washes on Sgt. Bunker and he looks much better now. I painted up the male and female outlaws and the female gunslinger... Continue Reading →

Progress Update

I spent the morning painting up the last 2 resin villains that I had to do. I need to go over the second with some washes but then he'll be done. I also spent some time painting all the leather on the other 20 minis, or well the ones that had leather to be painted.

Mini Count

I finished 5 minis yesterday, which brings me to 5 for the month and 28/150 for the year. I didn't sleep much last night so I'm not sure any painting will get done today. There are 22 more resin minis to do that will get started today or tomorrow. I took 22 pages of notes... Continue Reading →

April To-do List

This month may well rival Minivember from last year (which I will be doing again this year, tentatively). Here's what I have to do: Serpent Grand Shaman Sargent Bunker Female & Male Outlaws Female Gunslinger Male Gunslinger #2 Male Rancher Female Rancher #2 Female & Male Prospectors Nun Female US Marshal Piano Player Saloon Girl... Continue Reading →

It’s April…

Which means that all my resin minis need to be done by or before the end of the month. I've finished up the Void Magus and the Swamp Raptor, who isn't actually resin but he was a speed paint to get me going today. I've broken down all the minis on paper so I can... Continue Reading →

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