I've done a lot this year but the end couldn't come any quicker. I'm ready for a new year and new things to do. I've got a few hobby resolutions for the next year: Try out new to me techniques like NMM Work towards getting commission work Get better at known techniques Try to paint... Continue Reading →



So far this month I haven't really painted much. I sat down last night and painted the other two void sorcerers to match the one that I did up last month. I've only got 5 minis from Shadows of Brimstone left before wave 2 gets here. This is not counting the red minis that came... Continue Reading →

All my minis from the month in no particular order.  

Minivember Complete!

I finished with hours to spare. I finished all 30 minis from start to finish within the month. I'll work on putting up photos over the next week or so.

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